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- 2014 - October

BMW X5M + X6M during almost total darkness
Sometimes (even for a car-commercial) 
a very down&dirty look is the best way to tell the story.
We shot this short viral with an analogue "NightVision-Device"
mounted inbetween a Sony F55 and Arri Ultra + Zeiss HS PL primes.
It was really fun seeing deep into the darkness!
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- 2013-February-28

BACK-ON-TRACK x10 - a full decade of F1 shootings!
It was a very big success, my 10th anniversary for the Formula1 circus in February 2013. This time i've DP'ed a production for the "F1-Infinity-RedBull-RacingTeam" on Barcelona's RaceTrack,
the CircuitDeCatalunya. We captured very rocking footage - and once again, the most important "work-horse" to get all
this shots, was the Audi RS6 SpeedCar of But such a powerfull gadget is not of much help, without an very outstanding driver: Thomas Roim (CEO of MovieCars) was steering again the "ChaserCar" and we were chasing no one less than the 3 times world champion Sebastian Vettel!
All the OnBoardShots were done with Frank Schoeberl's and Thomas Roim's fabulous inventions of!
I'm looking forward now for an x15!
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- 2012-July-20

Johannesburg/RSA - MacGyver and the new MercedesCitan
A phone call from DoP Thomas Kuerzl - someday in early June;
He offered me the 2ndUnit camera on a major, international Mercedes car commercial campaign in Johannesburg. It was about 6 shooting days, directed by LA based "shootingstar" Markus Walter. A production starring MacGyver - yes, Richard Dean Anderson himself, playing MacGyver again, after a long time. He was a big deal in the 80's - sure i accepted the job immediately. On July 30th, I sat in a brand new Lufthansa A-380, together with 1stAC Roman Muellegger. 36h later we tested two Arri Alexa cameras @ Panavision Joburg. The commercial was produced by Markenfilm under the responsibility of PM Hanna Duin, Service-Produced by EggFilms/Megan Baker. It was really a huge undertaking for a commercial - more like a big action feature film. The project involved a big crew (up to 200 people on a single shooting day), lot's of weapons and explosions ...; A lot of SFX stuff indeed! We shot 6 entire days. This huge set was always under the control of 1stAD Luke Cornell - what a Skywalker! The 2ndUnit was 1st AD'ed by Lisa Holland - Thank's again Lisa! Seen in cinemas, on TV, and computers worldwide starting September 2012.
Watch out - it will be a very unique way to promote a car!
Something new was born:

-> click this line to watch the english version (100MB-stream), smaller versions, TheMakingOf and the german film are all available in my MediaArchive <- 

- 2012-February-22

-> ! "BackOnTrack" ! <-
In February 2012 i once again joined the RTV crew for two "FilmingDays" on the Barcelona RaceTrack. One more time for the "Mercedes_AMG_Petronas_Formula-1_Team", starring the pilots Michael Schumacher and Nico Rossberg.
This is my 9th Formula-1 "TrackDay" season; My first F1 FilmingDay took place in March 2003 for the former BMW-Williams F1 team. Meanwhile i have teamed up with no less than 24 other F1 productions for BMW-Williams, Williams, Toyota, RedBull, TorroRosso, MercedesGP, MercedesAMG, ..., shot on RaceTracks arround the entire globe. I'm looking forward to celebrating my Formula-1 10th anniversary in March 2013!

Seen on the snap from left to right:
- Toni Varvasoudis (RussianArm-PecisionDriver)
- Igor Teljukov (RussianArm-Operator)
- Michael Schumacher (F1-WorldRecord-ChampionshipHolder)
- Matthias Suchanek (DoP)
- me

RussianArm by: 

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- 2011-October-30

End of June this year, Jacques Steyn called me and asked if i would be interested in DP'ing a CarCommercial he was directing; A CarCommercial with a completely new approach!  

He was talking about shooting a film for smart in Berlin with minimalist crew and DSLR's only. 
It made me wonder a bit, usually Jac is not really well known for shooting with a small crew and so little equipment. 
Not a week later we met in Berlin, armed with 6 Canon DSLR cameras and everything else we both found at home which could possibly be of use to us. 
It was just a station wagon full of gear. Lighting was cut down to 4 LED LightPanels and some reflector boards.
Gearwise this was the exact opposite of all CarCommercials i had done before with Jac or anybody else.
It ended up being a kind of family-production - his daughter Sahra joined us as our actress and production coordinator, my wife Renate drove to Berlin 2 days later and found herself in the function of precision driver and PA.
Even Berlin based DP Thomas Stokowski collaborated for 2 days. Thank you again brother for your great support!

After 5 days/nights of shooting we wrapped with lots of stunning footage to show for our work. 
PostProduction began soon after in LosAngeles - linked via Skype to Jac's homebase in Ibiza.
The result is a really outstanding film produced on a budget - we honestly don't want to tell anyone about! (-; 
This is the US version only at the moment, the EU version will be very different!

Enormously supported by:
- FGV Schmidle GmbH, Munich
- Aero Film, Santa Monica 
- Editor: Tony Gentile, LosAngeles
- Music&Voice: Michael Kadelbach, Berlin

(Simply click into the picture to stream the film in 960x180, 141 MB)

- 2011-June-06

After having been involved in a couple of S3D productions as a DIT and Operator, i DP'ed a S3D production for Audi last week. It is indeed very complex stuff, but really worth the effort.

I really have to thank my crew for the enormous support they gave me on this gig: (from left to right in pic)
- Peter Hafenrichter, KeyGrip
- Alexander C. Schlee, DIT
- Kubilay Topal, Producer and Director
- Uwe Hagenbach, Gaffer
- Jan Bernotat, Sterographer
- Christian Knöpfle, 1stAC/FocusPuller

- S3D rig by
- CameraGear by
- Lighting and Grip by


© SetPic: Renate E. Forster 


Crew not seen in the pic:
- Basia Baumann, 1stAD
- Jens Geibel, UnitManager
- Deria Topal, ProductionCoordinator
- Daniela Leuschner, ProductionAssistance
- Michel Schütz, PostProductionSupervisor 
- Oliver Markowski, CGI Supervisor
- Ya'ir Magall, OnSetCutter+Editor
- Michael Fuchs, ProductionDesigner
- Klaus Lübs, BestBoy 
- Florian Windl, Spark 
- Stoffel Albrecht, Rigging
- Christian Weiß, Rigging
- Marion Kochs-Kämper, MakeUp
- Sani Gulic, Styling
- Thomas Czogalla, Runner
- Rolf Jani, Runner

And last but really not least:
- Pit Gieler, Catering

Thank you all so much for this fabulous production in 3 dimensions guys!


- watch the clip in 480x270 in my MediaArchive (14MB) 

- 2011-Feb-12

Just got back from freezing f...... cold Finland.
We had a three day shoot from the 8th until the 10th.
In temperatures as low as -33 (MINUS) degrees!
We worked our arses off to please both the director and the producer.

We were shooting a Bentley doing speeds exceeding 333km/h
on an ice track 6km long and 30m wide, which had been
cleared of snow on the frozen Baltic see 60km north of Oulu.

This, by the way, also happened to be the world speed record for a serial car on ice!

Thomas Roim and i were responsible for the “OnBoard” and “InBoard” footage. We used 2 Canon 5D2, 1 Canon 7D and a Toshiba Full HD mini-camera.

Fortunately the gear (and we) worked fine and survived - 
but this was not a nice vacation guys!
It was sometimes really ugly (up to imposs. and hurting) to work under such extreme conditions.

Not my hottest tip for your holiday trip in winter mates, honestly!